Japanese RC manufacturer Pandora RC releases a brand new 1/10 Nissan 180SX Fujin (Wind God) ORIGIN Lab. full lexan drift body.

Usukani releases the new BAJCICA Version for their 1/8 D3T drift tricycle.

Full range of Usukani 1/8 D3T Drift Tricyle Chassis kit and parts are now available on ATees Hobbies.

Japan lexan body manufacturer Pandora releases 1/10 Nissan Cedric sedan lexan body.

Want to know more about the new MST FMX 2.0? Here is an unboxing video of the new MST FMX 2.0 1/10 Drift Kit.

The much anticipated MST FMX 2.0 is now released and available through ATees.com!

Killerbody releases some amazing photos of their 1/10 Skyline GT-R body.

Killerbody releases the Wide Body Kit and 16 LED Light Unit for their 1/10 Lexas RCF lexan body. Here are the details.

Japan drift manufacturer Team Tetsujin releases their latest 1/10 lexan body - the KENMERI SKYLINE 2000GT-R LB Performance version.

MST just released the new HONDA NSX body for their most popular 1/10 drift platforms, with brushed and brushless versions available.

Pandora RC is releasing the classic front wheel drive Honda Civic Si hatchback in 1/10 lexan.

 Pandora RC is releasing one of the most iconic cars in the drift scene - Toyota AE86 Trueno with pop up lights and 3 doors.

Here are some more videos and close up pictures of the MST RMX S 2.0.

This is a great little video to see what you get in the box and how it’s assembled.

Pandora recently released their latest 1/10 lexan body.

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